Book a transfer now and travel easily!

The transfer is different from other transport

Compared to a taxi that can be taken on the spot

Faster for at least 10 minutes

Because at the right time the driver meets you at the airport. And in places such as “El Prat” in Barcelona or “Changi” in Singapore, if you book a car transfer service, you will leave faster for half an hour. Because to take an official taxi airport-city, in such a tourist center, is not an easy task.

No language barrier

For example, in Thailand, ask a local driver: “How much does it cost to get from the airport to the station?”— this is a task, and if you start to bargain, you can overpay.

The price of the service is known in advance

Official services operate at their own rates, and private traders and does determine the price of the appearance of the tourist. In Italy, the difference in price for a taxi to the station can reach 50%, and the cost of long — distance taxi-even more unpredictable.

Online payment service

If you arrive, for example, in Bali or Colombo, you will have to exchange money to take a taxi from the airport to the city. You book a car transfer online and you can pay for the trip directly on the website.

Need to book in advance

To order a transfer you need to decide in advance where you will go: specify the exact time of the meeting, the place of departure and destination when booking. For short and unscheduled trips, you can book a taxi.

Compared to a taxi that can be booked through the app

Easy to order child seats, minivan or minibus

Through the online application, you can not always book a car with a couple of child seats or book a minibus for seven people. In Civitate you will select a car appropriate class and capacity.

Do not have to search the Internet on the spot

To call a car through the online taxi application, you need to at least connect to Wi-Fi. For example, in Cyprus there are no international taxi services at all-you will have to download a local application and spend time trying to figure out how to book a car in it.

Go with a professional driver

Each of our drivers has a license. If you book the Priority Taxi service, you will not have to travel with a private trader.

On average, the transfer service is more expensive by 10-20%

Especially noticeable if you book a car transfer from or to the hotel, which is located close to the airport — for trips within the city there is a single tariff. But due to this tariff in cities such as Milan, the trip can be even cheaper.

Compared to group Shuttle and public transport

Faster 1.5-2.5 times

Individual car transfer to the hotel is a trip along the shortest route and with stops only at the request of the passenger. Plus no queues and transfers.

Leave at any time, even at night

As a rule, public transport stops moving closer to night. It is easier to book a car online in advance, so as not to puzzle out how to get to the airport or hotel when no bus runs.

Enjoy the trip

Meeting at the airport at the specified time with a name plate, a polite driver, assistance with Luggage and a clean car not older than seven years — standards of service.

More expensive up to 5 times if you go alone or together

For example, in Moscow, there are many options to get from the station to the airport by public transport directly. And the cost of the trip for one or two passengers will be 2-4 times cheaper than the transfer service, which you will book in advance.